Bandits raid Nigeria’s Niger state, killing and abducting villagers

At least 17 people have been killed by suspected bandits who raided villages in northern Niger state in Nigeria.

The bandits allegedly attacked Mashegu, Lavun and Wushishi Local Government areas between noon until 8:00 pm local time (11:00 -19:00 GMT) on Saturday.

“The Chief of Staff to Mashegu Local Government Chairman Umar Ubegi and his father were killed during the attack,” said spokesman for the Mashegu local authority, Mohammed Isa.

“They (bandits) moved from one village to the other on motorcycles, killing and kidnapping people. They also rustled cows belonging to villagers,” said Isa.

“About 13 communities were sacked and people have fled,” he added.

‘Tensions are high’

The village head in Poshi was killed, along with seven others in Sahon-Rami and Maishankafi.

“Tensions are high in our local government now,” said Isa.

“These people have been operating since Friday. But only one village was attacked on Friday which was Sahon-Rami. The remaining villages were attacked on Saturday,” he added.

Police spokesman Wasiu Abiodun, a deputy superintendent of police switched off his mobile phone to avoid questions about the attack.

In Lavun Local Government Area, 10 villages were reportedly attacked, with three dead and three kidnapped.

Resident Malam Yakubu Mohammed said “they started the operation around 12 pm (11:00 GMT), moving from one village to another. For now, we have only discovered the dead bodies of three persons. They also went away with three others.”

It was discovered that affected communities are 36 kilometres (22 miles) from Bida – a town where elites in Niger state reside.



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