Natural TV Channel broadcasts via Astra 2G satellite that is managed by one of the world’s leading operators of satellite and broadcasts, SES Satellites Company, situated in Luxemburg.

Natural TV broadcasts in both English and French languages, which happen to be the two most dominant marketing Languages in Africa.

The channel has succeeded in reaching up to 5 million households most of which come from Ghana and Nigeria. (Free-to-air). Moreover, the SES satellite, via which Natural TV operates, has formed several business cooperation with some local TV platforms found in one of the biggest markets in the region: Ghana and Nigeria. Natural TV as well plays has formed agreements with local TV platforms.

NATURAL TV’s wide broadcasting scale covers fields ranging from health to agriculturemusic,movies, series to tourism.

According to a marketing research conducted by SES satellite which took into accountthe region’s marketing qualities, Natural TV is observed to have most of its viewers comin from people with middle class and high class purchasing power.

While advertising, our main objective is the related company’s influence over themasses. This is the reason we have as a basic policy that “with this channel, company’s shall beable to effectively work together to achieve a common goal.

Due to the format of the advertisement we produce for Africa, companies who wish to work with us are able to receive %70 - 80% of the advertisement broadcast price and 65% of the production (preparation of an advertisement film) price from the ministry of Economy as a support.

We would be happy to work with you in order to open up to AFRICAN and to benefit from %70 & 80% of the ministry’s promotional support.