Erdogan: Israeli President Herzog’s visit to be turning point in relations

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said he believed Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Türkiye will be a “new turning point” in long-strained relations between the countries.

“Türkiye is ready to cooperate with Israel in the energy sector,” Erdogan told reporters in a joint news conference with Herzog after their meeting in Ankara on Wednesday.

Erdogan said that both sides have discussed prospects of exporting Israeli gas to Europe through Türkiye.

Strengthening relations with Israel is of great importance for regional stability, peace as well as for both countries, he added.

“Our common goal with Israel is to revive political dialogue between our countries based on common interests, respect for mutual sensitivities,” Turkish president said.

Israel’s Herzog also said he believes relations with Türkiye will be based on “mutual respect” from now on.

“Our aim is to lay foundations for development of friendly relations between Türkiye, Israel and their peoples,” Israeli president said.

Palestine issue

Erdogan said he also shared Türkiye’s approach towards the Palestine issue with Herzog.

He said he expressed to his Israeli counterpart the importance of reducing tensions in region and importance of preserving vision of two-state solution.

The two leaders also stressed upon cultural and historical ties between two nations in the press conference.

Erdogan mentioned anti-semitism as a crime against humanity, adding Turks and Jews have lived together throughout history.

“It is in our hands to contribute to re-establishment of culture of peace, tranquility, coexistence in our region,” Erdogan said.

Herzog said both countries should engage in a cooperation that would impact this region “we all call home”.

Turkish foreign minister is going to visit Israel in April, Herzog added.



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