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AFRICA has become the center of attention of the world again with its remarkable progress in social, economic and political fields. The steps we will take in the future of AFRICA, the strategic and economic position of the continent are known by everyone for its importance.

AFRICAN in line with the objectives of TURKEY, detecting the media gap in the region,our country in AFRICA,by supporting economic and strategic studies,In 2017, we established the English and French language television channel called NATURAL TV.

NATURAL TV, In Africa, it reaches approximately 500 million viewers via ASTRA satellite.

The audience in the countries to where the NATURAL TV channel broadcasts,Intensely important via WHATSAPP and MAIL and we receive positive feedback.

Among the developing economies of Africa GHANA, NIGER, NIGERIA, SENEGAL, GAMBIA, GUINEA, GUINEA BISSAU, SIERRA LEONE, LIBERIA, IVORY COAST, BURKINA FASO, TOGO, BENIN, CAMEROON, GABON, CHAD, CONGO and ANGOLA countries are watching our channel via ASTRA satellite.

NATURAL TV, News, Sports, Health, Agriculture, Culture, Tourism, Education, Film, Series and Cartoon Film,with content is the first Turkish channel to broadcast to Africa.

In our publications,the interests and image of our country is always our priority.

We performed in our publications we publish news and programs with precise politics of love that exists in TURKEY AFRICA citizen has further increased.

Our publications are in ENGLISH and FRENCH. Audience returns from the countries where we broadcast shows that the people of the region have a very high level of love for our country.

TURKEY love for the people of AFRICA in the viewership of the channel has brought to our top line.

In the news we publish the Anadolu Agency should deal we made with each of the images to the news we receive from our AA hours announcer ENGLISH FRENCH language and presentation, we bring our screen TURKEY AND THE WORLD.

With Turkish productions, health, culture, education and agriculture programs, our visibility is increasing day by day in the region.

Organized by DEIK TURKISH-AFRICAN Economic Business Forms meetings we are broadcasting the speeches of the PRESIDENT of the Republic live.

NATURAL TV, especially with the MAARIF FOUNDATION program and advertising studies the danger of FETÖ terrorist organization,by telling the people of the region through our channel is struggling with this organization.

First THY, TURKEY MAARIF FOUNDATION, INC ETI MINE, Private Hospitals, Food Companies and with many TURKISH companies,we are making on advertising and promotional activities.

The TURKEY We have also contributed to the work we do through our channel of trade with AFRICA.

With the advertisements on NATURAL TV, many companies also provide dealerships to AFRICAN countries.

NATURAL TV is the pride of TURKEY on TV ISTANBUL images of the airport, the tourism regions of TURKEY, our country's rising economic potential, TIKA services, MAARIF FOUNDATION of education attacks in AFRICA, the services provided MDO AFRICAN students, TURKEY's potential in health tourism and health programs involving DEIK meeting and AMBASSADORS, we publish also frequently NATURAL TV.

These publications are making a very positive contribution to the AFRICAN TURKEY image formed in people's thoughts.

As the Natural TV family, we will continue to represent our country in the best way in AFRICA, where the world is oriented. and AFRICA is the only TURKISH channel.

Hope to meet you in more beautiful and happy tomorrows I offer our love and respect.

Tuncay DEMİR


                                  GENERAL DİRECTOR