Pump Priming


  • Application Form
  • Application form
  • undertaking
  • Declaration
  • Signature Circulars
  • Commercial Register Newspapers
  • Domestic tax / VAT returns
  • Monthly Premium Service declaration of at least one person employed in the domestic company
  • Promotion agreement
  • Invoice
  • Bank receipt for payments
  • You can reach from the Ministry of Commerce's Easy Support link (I want to advertise my products abroad or have a place abroad). https://kolaydestek.gov.tr/

  • Publications and Documents (Photo, video cd.)
  • Additional documents required for companies that do not have a unit supported by the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Domestic trademark registration certificate
  • Foreign trademark registration certificate or application for trademark registration abroad

                                                                               T. C. MINISTRY OF COMMERCE TARGET AND PRIORITY COUNTRIES LIST

Germany Qatar
United States of America Kazakhistan
Azerbaijan Kenya
Bangladesh Kuwait
United Arab Emirates Malaysia
Brezil Mexican
Bulgaria Egypt
Algeria * Nigeria
People's Republic of China Uzbekistan
Indonesia Pakistan
Ethiopia Polonya
Morocco Romanyà
* Ivory Coast Russia
France * Senegal
* Ghana Singapore
South Africa Republic Saudi Arabia
South Korea Chile
Georgia Tanzania
India Turkmenistan
Iraq Ukraine
England Oman
Iranian Jordan
Japan Vietnamese

*Starred countries are the countries with priority and 10% to be added to the incentive application (60% + 10% = 70%)