Live blog: Jordan’s king reiterates calls for ceasefire during US visit

Jordan’s King Abdullah II affirmed the necessity of ending Israel’s war on besieged Gaza and protecting civilians during a visit to the US.

“The international community, especially influential countries, must play their role in preventing the escalation of the conflict in the region,” King Abdullah said during a meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in the capital, Washington, DC, according to a statement by the royal court.

He reiterated Jordan’s ”full rejection of any attempts [by Israel] to displace Palestinians from their land, reoccupy parts of Gaza, or to establish buffer zones therein,” the statement added.

The king also warned of “the repercussions of an Israeli attack on [the city of] Rafah, which houses 1.5 million people.”

UNRWA faces impending halt to operations in Gaza due to funding crisis: official

The European representative of the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees [UNRWA] issued a stark warning about its operations in besieged Gaza, saying that unless funding decisions are reversed, it will be forced to halt its activities in a matter of weeks.

Highlighting the dire situation in the city of Rafah in the south of the blockaded Palestinian enclave, Marta Lorenzo, director of the UNRWA Representative Office for Europe, emphasised that the suspension of funding from certain countries has left UNRWA on the brink of closure in besieged Gaza.

Drawing attention to the plight of Palestinians grappling with hunger and disease while being trapped in the south, Lorenzo underscored the urgent need for effective humanitarian assistance, citing a recent decision by the International Court of Justice [ICJ] in The Hague, the Netherlands, calling for immediate action.

However, she lamented that UNRWA only has a few weeks remaining before it is compelled to cease operations.

The halting of UNRWA’s operations, she warned, would not only exacerbate the humanitarian suffering.

“Our convoys in the north were hit in three different places. We were able to deliver aid to the north as of January 23 [but] 156 of our employees lost their lives [while] 13,000 of our employees work under the risk of death every day,” she said.

Anadolu to host panel probing Israeli war crimes in Gaza through lens of int’l law

Anadolu will host a panel next week that will discuss war crimes committed by Israel, which will be analysed through the lens of international criminal law.

The panel, titled “Genocide in Gaza: New Evidence,” will be held at Anadolu’s headquarters in the capital, Ankara and will extensively examine all dimensions of the case at the International Court of Justice [ICJ] in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Additionally, new evidence of war crimes in besieged Gaza following ICJ rulings will be disclosed to the public during the event.

The panel will feature journalists and academics.



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