Live blog: US seeks UN backing for proposed Gaza truce, hostage deal

 The US has said it wants the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution backing the proposal outlined by President Joe Biden to end Israel’s war in Gaza.

It circulated a one-page draft text to the 15-member council. A resolution needs at least nine votes in favour and no vetoes by the US, France, Britain, China or Russia to pass.

The draft “stresses the importance of the parties adhering to the terms of the deal once agreed, with the aim of bringing about a permanent cessation of hostilities.”

“Numerous leaders and governments, including in the region, have endorsed this plan and we call on the Security Council to join them in calling for implementation of this deal without delay and without further conditions,” US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement.

Israeli missile strike on a residence in the Bureij camp has resulted in the killing of four Palestinians while multiple people have been wounded, WAFA news agency reports.

According to WAFA correspondent, Israeli warplanes targeted the Al Maghari and Al Ahlam residential towers. They also shelled two more towers in the camp.

Israeli tanks opened heavy fire at citizens’ homes in the vicinity of the University College of Applied Sciences in the Tel Al Hawa neighbourhood, southwest of Gaza City, and the Al Sabra area, according to news reports.

San Francisco police have detained a group of pro-Palestine demonstrators who entered the lobby of the building housing the Israeli consulate after they refused to leave, authorities said.

An unspecified number of people were “detained for potential arrest,” police said in a statement on Monday. “Officers have been making multiple warnings to the individuals to disperse and exit the private property on their own.”

About 50 people were inside the building on the ground floor. Police led protesters out of the building one-by-one and loaded them into police vehicles, their hands bound by zip ties.

Protesters, who were voicing opposition to Israel’s incursion into Gaza, had said they planned to stay until forcibly removed, the San Francisco Chronicle reported from the scene.



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