NTR TV is the first Turkish Television Channel broadcasting to the African continent.

NTR TV transmits its broadcasts 49 times in AFRICA via EUTELSAT 7B and TÜRKSAT 4A satellites.

They can also apply NTR TV Africa from digital platforms.

NTR TV is the first Turkish TV channel to broadcast to AFRICA with its contents of Economy, Trade, News, Cinema, Health, Agriculture, Culture, Tourism, Education, Series and Cartoons.

The publications we make, the interests and image of the targets are always our priority. Broadcasting with news that can be published and tools related to our productions and prices. AFRI’s love in TURKEY is more.

NTR TV’s visibility is increasing day by day in the continent with its productions with Turkish content, oriented to trade, culture, education and agriculture. We are meeting with our comrade in AFRICA with our advertisement promotions.

Images of ISTANBUL Airport, which is the pride of TURKEY,

Turkey’s tourism regions, our country’s rising economic potential, TIKA’s services, MAARIF FOUNDATION’s educational attacks in AFRICA, YTB’s services to AFRICA students, health tourism and Turkey’s potential in health, DEIK meetings and AMBASSADOR We frequently broadcast the programs featuring TV series on NTR TV.

NTR TV aims to have our country have a say in the continent by promoting Turkish brands and companies in the African market that is developing and growing day by day.

NTR TV makes a great contribution to both the company and the country’s economy by promoting and advertising all products produced in Turkey and needed by the African market.

NTR TV addresses more than 1 billion people in 49 countries. It provides a bridge role in accessing the African market at the point of Turkey’s approach to its export target.

NTR TV ensures that the demands of the import-based African market meet with qualified and high-quality Turkish brands in many areas from food to health services, from machinery equipment to agricultural products. NTR TV also provides effective and sustainable advertising services for Turkish brands to create a new market in Africa and expand their current market.

NTR TV serves as the mainstream media in the continent with its diversity in broadcast content. It includes many content demanded by the continent’s population, from news to health, from music to travel.