Ugandan chef Mama D breaks world record with 123-hour cooking marathon

Ugandan chef Dorcus Mirembe, popularly known as Mama D, set a Guinness World Record as an individual by breaking an Irishman’s record for cooking for nearly 120 hours.

Mama D’s current cooking time is 123 hours and 20 minutes, counting from the time this report was filed.

She began her cooking journey on Dec. 23 and is attempting to continue until Dec. 31.

The individual record for the longest cook-a-thon was held by Irish chef Alan Fisher, who set it in Japan earlier this year for cooking from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3.

Numerous Ugandans have flocked to her cooking venue to offer all forms of support from financial to moral.

Government officials, businesspeople, and celebrities have all rallied her around by sending messages through different social media platforms, while many others have physically visited her at her restaurant near Kampala.

Various food companies have generously provided her with cooking supplies and other essential items.

Inspiration behind the challenge

She told Anadolu that during her culinary challenge, she cooked dishes from all over Uganda and is offering all of the cooked food for free.

“All food is free… it is such people who keep us going. All one needs is to have the appetite, that’s all. Whoever eats encourages me,” she said.

She explained that she was inspired to take on the challenge because of the variety of foods available in the country.

“Uganda is bestowed with an abundance of traditional foods and I want to showcase them to the world, to be the ambassador for the wonderful diverse cuisines of Uganda, the pearl of Africa,” she added.

Official recognition is awaiting the announcement of the Guinness World Records judges.



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